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​Welcome to Alliance Protective Group,
your trusted protective and security services partner since 2009.



Alliance Protective Group prides itself in providing security for a number of elite Hospitality Groups. We recognize that we are an extension of your staff – when a guest or customer arrives at your property, they see us as part of your team. We represent you!


As such, we look for professionals that can integrate and adapt within your culture. We teach "anticipatory" service – going the extra mile for a guest or customer to ensure they have a wonderful experience at your property.

If apropos, we place a site manager at your property. Their sole focus is you – they are not divided amongst 20 or 30 accounts. They ensure perpetual oversight and are there to teach, train, and be that "on property" example to all who work there how things should be done. They demonstrate that if one works hard, they too can lead the team; internal growth and advancement for high performers.

We ask if you would allow us to meet with you, to show what we are able to bring to you and contributions we can make to help you achieve your goals and objectives. 

Security Officers

Our industry, as in most, flows in one large cycle of personnel. You will see security officers move from one security company to the next – making the rounds. Often you will find an enormous chasm between the management team and the security office—the very one who is placed at your site, who is an extension of your organization.

At Alliance Protective Group, we establish a succession program that everyone is eligible for when they join our organization. It is based on a single focus – performance.  Without opportunity, you will lose those who have performed well, and constantly hiring from the outside to fill new opportunities sends a strong message that there is no place for advancement.

We are different—we operate an extremely flat organization. We omit levels of management and the bureaucratic obstacles that often come with it. Our security officers can bring much to the organization if given the chance. At Alliance Protective Group, they are afforded that opportunity if they perform well.


All our managers have progressed through those ranks. They know what it is to be an officer, a field manager, and to manage different sites and industries with different cultures. They stay close to those who work for us and ensure that their needs are addressed in a timely manner.

We are a service provider utilizing the resources of human capital to provide our clients the best possible service within our industry. We ask you for the opportunity to allow Alliance Protective Group to be part of your team, to help your business grow and develop, and to be part of your success.

School / Educational

Security at schools has certainly become a focal point in todays environment for enhancement of security.  Working with the Alliance Protective Group, and also a current Director of Security at a major Charter School, we have an individual that specializes in school safety and security--and doing so for 15 years.  We can initiate the process together, by performing a security analysis of your school safety and security, making recommendations, and the actual implementation of a "School Safety Security Standard Operations Procedures" (proven and tested, effective!).  In addition, the intervention of those whom we have in our "Armed Division" law enforcement team, to solidly a comprehensive program for you.

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Alliance Protective Group originated in October of 2009 based on a vision to collectively bringing a group of individuals together who specialize in all areas of protective and security services. Our management team collectively bring a depth of experience from Area Vice President of the largest contract security company in the world, law enforcement both active and retired, hospitality, educational facilities, subsidized living, and the like.


The key question always asked, is "what differentiates you from other security companies"  IE, what gives you a "competitive edge/advantage." I feel strongly it's our training and development – but moreover the approach we take versus others. Here's what I mean:

We have a structured "succession plan" in place for all personnel.  We measure solely based on "performance" and "performance" based on client satisfaction.  With pressure on wages being imposed (two factors – minimum wage escalations and full employment making it more difficult to hire from an adequate pool of personnel), we feel our clients will suffer if we don't, in some measure, match "productivity and performance" to such rapid wage escalation's taking place in our market.

We don't feel having account managers, those who oversee 20 or 30 accounts and time is divided among the many, serves that purpose to provide the efficiencies needed. We place site managers at the majority of our accounts. We teach them entrepreneurial skills (margins, co employment risk, economics, customer service). With each account we establish a "succession" program and, if possible and appropriate, we promote from within. We pay those site managers out of our fixed expenses, so it's a reallocation of our costs structure from one who handles many accounts (Account Managers) so those who are isolated and given in it's entirety to the account itself. In other words, their sole income is derived directly from that singular account.

There is virtually no way for one who oversee 20 or 30 accounts, to give the time and attention necessary to train and develop those new "stars" that are on the horizon. So we are laser focused on working directly with the on-site manager – assigned specific and solely to one account. It serves the client in a much better and provides opportunities to those who "perform" well with our organization.


Since the inception of Alliance Protective Group, we have chosen to work with various companies that specialize in training, development, and assignment of security personnel. From Standard Security officers, Fire Guards, and Fire Safety Directors. They receive the proper training and obtain the required licensing for the State of New York. We provide EAP, Active Shooter training as the needs arise. As they go through the first interview process, the officer will then come to our management team for a secondary interview. Once through that process we will then send to the client for final approval. A three-tier interviewing process. From the day we begin our partnership with you, we start to work together to bring the best team and it all starts with that first meeting – when we all meet.





Are you interested in a career in protective and security services with a dynamic, entrepreneurial company? Fill out the attached employment inquiry and email to: or fax to: (201) 568-1007

Fire Safety Director

Currently we're privileged to service some of the most elaborate and high profile hotels in the city. We're always in need of Fire Safety Directors with an employment history in hospitality. Those who have obtained a Z50 from the FDNY, and want that opportunity to start their career as an FSD, please, come talk to us and let's see if we can get you started. We offer competitive compensation with a retention bonus and vacation policy.

Security Officers

We're always looking for security officers with a good track record. That have a stable work history. A strong work ethic. That means proper uniform, clean and neat, to work on time, respect for your associates, a professional demeanor representing our company with the highest standard in the industry. We interview a person with advancement in mind. We want to see people grow and develop. Our advancement and succession program that we have in place and operative, is solely based on performance. You may start as an officer and if you do well, we would love to see you advance to a Fire Safety Director and other supervisory positions with us. Your job is to work hard, show responsibility, service our clients to exceed their expectation – and our job is to prepare you so when an opportunity opens, you can successfully step in to that new chapter with us. Come – join our team and family of associates.

Operations Management and Sales

To assist with our Operations and Managerial responsibilities. Build and expand relationships with our existing clientele. To explore new sales opportunities for our growth with an applicable sales quota. One of our main focuses in 2018 will be to find small companies for either a merger or acquisition. It will be your responsibility to explore that market and assist in locating those opportunities. There will be a base compensation and commission structure involved that we believe will serve as a motivation to perform well. You will be part of our management team involved in our decision making processes. You will report direct to the CEO and Founder of Alliance Protective Group.

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To contact Alliance Protective Group, please call us at (201) 803-8077, or fill out the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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